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Michel Vrydag – Mapping Roots
First Daylight [EXTRACT]
Michel Vrydag – Mapping RootsFirst Daylight [EXTRACT]
Michel Vrydag – Mapping Roots
Septentrion [EXTRACT]
Michel Vrydag – Mapping RootsSeptentrion [EXTRACT]
Michel Vrydag – Mapping Roots
Rising Tide [EXTRACT]
Michel Vrydag – Mapping RootsRising Tide [EXTRACT]
Michel Vrydag – Mapping Roots
Treize [EXTRACT]
Michel Vrydag – Mapping RootsTreize [EXTRACT]
Michel Vrydag – Mapping Roots
Tales of a Thousand Lakes [EXTRACT]
Michel Vrydag – Mapping RootsTales of a Thousand Lakes [EXTRACT]
Michel Vrydag – Mapping Roots –
Worlds [EXTRACT]
Michel Vrydag – Mapping Roots – Worlds [EXTRACT]


« Mapping Roots… I dreamt then wrote, following my imagination, as if on a journey that blended all the wonderful music I had heard together, paying tribute to all the people who in one way or another make the world a brighter place. They are an endless source of inspiration to me and I feel immense gratitude towards them. » Michel Vrydag

Play me a song that tells me about the place you come from » is the starting point of the compositions of the Belgian jazz trio « Mapping Roots». « Mapping Roots» presents lively, organic, luminous music, open to the world, nourished by improvisation and at the borders of many styles: a jazz universe with rhythms inspired by traditional music from several continents.

After concerts in Belgium and abroad, « First Daylight », the first album will be released on January 28, 2022 by Unit Records. This double album contains 14 compositions of the bass player-leader of the band, Michel Vrydag. Alongside inventive and experienced musicians, Bram Weijters (piano) and Daniel Jonkers (drums), the trio delivers surprising and bright music. The epic and cinematic themes of the compostions open doorways to vivid improvisation: interaction, groove, rhythmic feel, abandon and harmonic colors paying lip-service to the collective purpose of narration.

Allow yourself to be surprised by the pulse of the story that this trio tells you with great complicity!

Mapping Roots Line up :
Michel Vrydag : Bass and Compositions
Bram Weijters : Piano
Daniel Jonkers : Drums


« Ce qui frappe dans ce trio, c’est une énergie inextinguible et un beau partage des rôles. Les grandes envolées du piano, avec une vigueur qui rappelle celle de Mc Coy Tyner, une large diversité de sonorités et couleurs de la guitare basse acoustique doublée d’une grande vélocité de jeu et un drumming tout en puissance. » Claude Loxhay – Jazz Mania 

     « What is striking about this trio is the unquenchable energy and the beautiful sharing of roles. The great lines of the piano, with a vigour reminiscent of Mc Coy Tyner, a wide variety of sounds and colours of the acoustic bass guitar coupled with a great velocity  and a powerful drumming. »


« Alweer een album dat laat zien dat er in België geweldige muzikanten rondlopen. Een van hen is de Brusselse basgitarist Michel Vrydag, die zich met diverse genres bezighoudt. Uiteenlopende muziek uit de hele wereld inspireert zijn composities, waar- van er veertien op ‘First Daylight’ zijn opgenomen, verdeeld over twee cd’s. »  Ruud Bergamin – Jazzflits 

      » Another album that shows that there are great musicians  around in Belgium. One of them is the Brussels bass guitarist Michel Vrydag, who is into various genres. Diverse music from all over the world inspires his compositions, fourteen of which are included on ‘First Daylight’, spread over two CDs. »


« Een onderzoek naar de zo uiteenlopende achtergronden van jazz, folk en rock. En tevens een project dat de eigen wortels in kaart brengt. Dat heet Mapping Roots. » Jean Schoubs – JazzNu

      « An investigation into the so very different backgrounds of jazz, folk and rock. And also a project that maps their own roots. It is called Mapping Roots. »